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 Imprimante 3D is the reference site for the 3D printing in Belgium. If you want to buy a 3d printer and you are looking for a reliable distributor in Belgium, you are dropped. We are a company specializing in 3D printing for many years. If you’re tempted, we invite you to discover the secrets of the three-dimensional printing called 3D Printer. Rather than buying expensive figures, print them yourself. Is this possible? With the three-dimensional printer, it is quite possible. The technology developed for a long time has been placed on the market with an affordable price.

  For many years, we have operated on the market of three-dimensional printing. Indeed, we provide 3D ​​printers for individuals as well as for professional printers. We have printers suitable for each sector – The medical sector has different needs of the engineering sector. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us with what industry you are in, so we can provide you with a more customized service.


How do I print in three dimensions?

To print in three dimensions, you must have a 3d model you have designed using 3D software. At this level, any software that can do the trick: blender, 3dsmax, magic xD, etc..

Then, once you are done modeling, you must save the file in STL format (==> save as ==> fichier.stl). Make sure that your model does not exceed the volume of printing. If your printer can hold 30 cm, must make up your volume from 28 to 29 cm. Let 1cm precautions.

Then just put your model in a SD card or simply connect the printer to your PC. Second button, print, and you only have to see the result.

What are the costs of 3D printing ?

It all depends on your printer. For a classic style makerbot replicator or cubify printer , the material is quite democratic and affordable. In principle, a refill roll = filaments of 1kg . We can therefore print , theoretically , for one kilogram of matter. This leaves a margin sacred . To give an idea , we have a demonstration kit that runs from 2 months up to a day printing (demonstration) and we still have not changed the roll. The filament costs between € 50 and € 90 depending on the brand of the 3D printer you have.


Democratization of 3D printing

3D printing is not a new technology of silk. What is new is its democratization for the general public . Indeed, with a budget of approximately € 3,000 , you can buy it . No need to buy very expensive figures ( for amateurs) with your 3D printer , print it directly. 3D printing offers an incredible market in terms of figure. Indeed, from a graphic design, you can print in 3D. In other words , if you have an imagination in terms of graphic design, you can print with your computer , a range of much more original than the market figures.


Payment facilities

Many of our customers ask us if there are payment facilities . Here, again , it all depends on your situation. If you have a business , there are opportunities for leasing and installment payments . An analysis of your balance will be first to see if you can benefit from credit facilities .

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